Can the 2 moving teeth hold a bridge in place and become stable? If yes, for how long?

Had a root canal on # 31 which was holding a 3 unit bridge ,now removed. I wanted to do an implant on the missing toot #30 ,but after seeing an implant specialist ,I was told that my toot are moving ,and that I should have never had the root canal done. This Dr suggested 2 implants on 31 & 29 and a bridge. If I don't do the implants /bridge [$12,000] , I'm very confused as to what to do now..

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Implant and crown options

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This is difficult to answer without seeing the actual situation. But, if the previous bridge hasn't been off too long ( more than 6 mo) I find it hard to visualize they moved too far.  Your options would be 1) Place an implant for #30 as you wish and 2 new crowns for 29 and 31. 2) If indeed it is a fact #31 can not be used then the implants for #30 and #31 would be best and a new crown for #29 (no mention was made of it needing to be) extracted.

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Teeth Mobility & Dental Implants

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Hi. Dental Mobility is a key indicator on the prognosis of a tooth. Usually the more mobility, the less bone you have. Although it is difficult to recover the stability of a tooth, it is not impossible, and we should always aim to maintain as many natural teeth as we can. However, It is fundamental to know the specifics of your case to assess the prognosis of your moving teeth. If the prognosis is good, my recommendation would be to get an implant on # 30. However, if the prognosis is poor, then you do want to get 2 implants (31 & 29) and a bridge. If you are open to consider dental tourism, this would be around 3,500 USD in Colombia.

Dental Implants

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Hi, thank you for your question. I see you have a concern with your teeth on the lower right side. If you had a root canal on tooth #31, I would suggest that you visit the doctor who performed the root canal so he can give you a prognosis on the health of the tooth. If the prognosis is poor, you should consider a dental implant on #31. If the prognosis is good, keep #31 and have 2 implants placed, one on #29 and one on #30. Best of luck on your treatments.

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