What is a mole excision after the mole has been removed?

I was on here scouting for questions regarding scarring after a mole removal and saw a doctor respond saying that a patient can always have the mole excised after a shave procedure if they don't like the scar or if the mole recurs. My question is what does it mean to have a mole excised after it has been shaved off?

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Shaving mole removal versus excision

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excision is where the entire mole and surrounding skin is surgically removed and closed with stitches -- this leaves more of a scar than just shaving the mole and letting it heal on its own with a scab and would healing.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Shaving versus excision of a mole

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Shaving a mole to treat it can be used on moles that are raised.  When this procedure is done, the top of the mole is shaved off to remove it.  An excision of a mole is used with flat moles or moles that may not be completely removed by a shave.  When an excision is done, an incision is made around the mole to completely remove it and then sutures are placed to close the wound.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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