Can a metastatic breast cancer patient (on remission) have a silicone butt implant surgery? (photo)

I'm a stage 4 breast cancer survivor with metastasis to spinal cord, ribs and pelvis, I am on remission now, as my last MRI and pet-scan showed no sign of cancer !! I am happy to be back into the living world, after a year of an ongoing battle of chronic pain and agony. However, after loosing 50 pounds my butt got really skinny and I have sagging skin on both sides of my middle back. Can I have the silicone buttock implants surgery now, or do I have to wait until my bones heal and grow back?

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Buttocks implants in patient with history of breast can metastasis

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I am sorry that you have experienced all of this, but metastasis does not forbid you from having surgery; as a breast reconstructive doctor, we infrequently see patients with metastatic breast cancer who want to complete their reconstruction with silicone implants despite having a poor overall long term prognosis. Please see link below for more information regarding buttock implants.

Buttock implants and previous cancer

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If you get a clean bill of health from your doctor, then you can probably go on to have implants.  ..

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