What is in Kylie Jenners lips? How to achieve this look pictured? (photos)

I'd like to know how to achieve this look pictured . I've had 4 syringes of juvederm over the past 2 years and the pout seems quite different. I seem to have a lot of volume around my mouth not really where I wanted it - Thank you

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What is in Kylie Jenners lips? How to achieve this look pictured?

If you have tried  dermal fillers, the next step would be Alloderm Lip Implants that last about 7 years.  These can provide augmentation and volume to the lips but are soft and supple with all the enhancement in the front of the lips where it's the most visble and natural.  The key is understanding the proper aesthetic proportion and balance of the lips to create natural, feminine and attractive lips.  Hope this helps. 

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Lip filler

You are a different person with a unique physiology that's quite different from Kylie Jenner's. Cosmetic surgery is designed to make you look better, not like another person. If you want to look exactly like Kylie, it is impossible. Juvederm can achieve great results in the lips, but it can only work with what you've got.

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Lip Injections and Kylie Jenner

Lip injections to achieve that perfect pout depend  both on one's anatomy, product used, and skill of the injector.  Juvederm is most likely the filler used by Jenner.  Your lips look beautiful and I would advise a consultation with a dermatologist with a great deal of cosmetic injection experience for the best results.

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What is in Kylie Jenners lips? How to achieve this look pictured?

There is no way to know what was injected into Kylie Jenner's lips unless she tells us.  Juvederm is often the filler used in the lips.  Based on the photos, you seem to have beautiful very full lips, so I'm not sure additional filer would be advisable.  However, without an in-person consultation to assess your concerns, it is difficult to make recommendations.  I would suggest seeing a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and options.

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What is in Kylie Jenners lips? How to achieve this look pictured?

Unknown what exact filler she had but she sure had a large volume amount injected - OUCH! Best to slowly build up the amount over a few sessions...  

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What is in Kylie Jenners lips?

Although this is just speculation, it is most likely to be Juvederm.  My only advice is that the picture on the right shows a beautiful, full pair of lips that should not be injected with any (more) filler.

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What is in Kylie Jenners #lips? How to achieve this look pictured?

There absolutely no way to know what was put into any persons lips (celebrity or otherwise) unless they announce it themselves.  The current options for treatment approved in the US are temporary fillers or more permanent fat injections.  You seem to have beautiful, full lips from the picture you provided so you would certainly need an in person evaluation to really discuss your concerns and the best option to achieve results. Please make sure to schedule consultation with a board certified/eligible plastic surgeon with experience in injections.  Good luck!

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