I Just Had Eyelid and Lower Lid Surgery 3 Days Ago...is It Best That I Move Around a Lot or Pretty Much Stay in Bed?

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Walking After Eyelid Surgery

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Thank you for your question. It is best to to move around- light walking is fine. Avoid bending over or strenuous activity as this point.

Moderate activity is better than no activity.

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Keeping moving after surgery is better than not moving at all, but it must be measured movement, such that it doesn't increase the heart rate too much, or raised the blood pressure.  Simple walking around is usually very safe, but bending over or any type of straining would not be advised, out to about 2 weeks.  Check with your plastic surgeon to get their particular instructions so you have a smooth recovery.

Eyelid Surgery Post Op

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It is safe to more around at this point.  If your eyelids start to feel tight, sit down and place an ice bag on your eyes.  Sutures usually come out on the 5th day, but follow up with your Plastic Surgery for a great recovery!

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