I just did my BBL on July 14th 2016. How can I get this pleading removed? (Photo)

I just got my Brazilian butt lift done July 14, 2016 when I went for my first appointment they remove my garment and I have pleading on my stomach that looked at very disgusting due to the garment how can I get removed

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Contour irregularity

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Thank you for the question and photo.  If the contour irregularity or "pleating" was caused by the garment it should resolve on its own with time.  Take photos weekly to determine if it's getting better or not.  If it does not resolve on its own you will want to ask your plastic surgeon to diagnoses what may be causing it and offer recommendations on correcting it.
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Dr Remus Repta

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Immediate postop Contor irregularity

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You have a great question!
Most causes of irregularities can be but are not limited to: swelling, seroma, hematoma, inadequate post operative garment pressure, etc.  You should address this question withyour plastic surgeon. 
Consider using lipo foam over your skin and under your garment to provide more even pressure to the area.  With your post operative garment in place, if you can pull the garment away form your skin, consider increasesing the pressure over the area with an adjustable waist trainer. 
 I wish you well in your recovery process,
Dr McAdoo

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