Should I have other eye revised for ptosis? (photos)

I had ptosis revision on my left eye in July. Later that month the right eye significantly dropped due to Hereings law. Since then I feel they have both leveled out a bit but I want to know if it's worth correcting the right eye at this time. I also wanted to have some extra eyelid skin removed because it bunches up and bothers me. Not sure if that is worth it also. Wanted some opinions. Thanks.

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Herings phenomenon ptosis

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Wait for 3 months after surgery and then re-evaluate. If asymmetric and droopy, then see an oculoplastic surgeon for possible ptosis correction.

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Droopy eyelids

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Droopy eyelids are very tricky. Given that you just had surgery one month ago, i would wait for at least 3 months after surgery to see the final result.  Sometimes a simple eyelid massage will even out the eyelid opening asymmetry without the need for further surgery, ask your surgeon about massaging. The extra skin fold is likely secondary to what i am assuming was a posterior approach eyelid surgery. In some cases, that evens out as well, as the eyelid tends to hold on to swelling for long. If the other side continues to droop after 3 months, then you start to consider surgery.  But i would not do anything yet.  Hope this helps!

In my opinion both eyelids are still ptotic.

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I suspect that you had a posterior ptosis surgery.  You definitely needed a bilateral posterior ptosis surgery.  It is possible to revise the operated eyelid with an anterior levator ptosis surgery but it is very challenging because the Mullerectomy scars the plans need to correct the levator aponeurosis dehiscence that in my opinion needed to be corrects.  In these circumstances the Mullerectomy is not effective because the levator is out of position.  I would let the eyelids heal and then look for another eyelid surgeon who is prepared to operate on both upper eyelids. 

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