Best cartilage option for revision rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty in 2013 by a board certified PS, yet I am not satisfied with the results since I was left with nasal pinching, an asymmetric nasal base and significant alar retraction. I consulted an ENT surgeon who told me rib cartilage is the best option for revision rhinoplasty. I dont feel comfortable with the idea of rib cartilage since my ear and septum cartilage is intact. Is it possible to perform revision with these and will the results last?

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Most surgeons handling a patient  with the issues you describe would use nasal septal cartilage as the default option. In most patients there is sufficient nasal cartilage to accomplish most reconstructive needs. See another surgeon for another opinion and make sure that the surgeon you choose has a reasonable amount of experience in performing nasal surgery.  Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

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Cartilage source for reconstruction

The cartilage source depends on the amount needed. In most situations we are able to use the septum first and ear if we need more.  In very significant losses we use rib cartilage.  Depending on patient preferences we also use radiated cartilage from a well regulated laboratory.

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Best cartilage option for revision rhinoplasty?

In our practice, nasal cartilage is always the primary source for cartilage grafting when reconstructing the nose with the revision rhinoplasty. If the nose cartilage has been completely depleted, then we use ear cartilage. For more information and many examples, please see the link and the video below

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Best cartilage option for revision rhinoplasty?

Without the benefit of physical exam, pre-op and post-op photos- it's difficult to answer your questions accurately. Be sure to seek an experienced Board Certified PS for in person exam. For more info- you can view the video attached

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Rhinoplasty and cartilage grafting

You have asked a very good question.  Undesirable results often occur when a surgeon who does not specialise in rhinoplasty performs the surgery.  Facial plastic surgeons who are often double board certified are often the experts in rhinoplasty.  Revision surgery is a particularly difficult problem, the correction of which requires a deep understanding in rhinoplasty.  The best material for grafting in rhinoplasty is the septal cartilage.  Conchal or ear cartilage can be used in certain instances followed by rib grafting.  I use rib cartilage when there is no septal cartilage remaining to be use.  An expert facial plastic surgeon can advice you on the suitability of each graft and method.   Hope this is helpful.

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