Bbl then BA. How long is the best time in between to have both surgeries back to back?

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Staged breast lift and augmentatiun

These two procedures are frequently combined. How long to wait after one before proceeeding with the other depends on why they are being done seperatly. The most frequent reason for this in my practice is due to concerns about blood supply . If the patient has very thin tissues, subglandular implants , history of smoking ,etc, i will recommend delaying the second proceedure. This can range from three months up to a year depending on the reason to delay.

BBL and BA

I will often do them at the same time.  If you are going to stage them then you might want to wait 3-4 months to heal from one or the other.

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Bbl then BA. How long is the best time in between to have both surgeries back to back?

 Best to run this question by your plastic surgeons. You will find that the advice you receive online may vary significantly; there is no absolute rules when it comes to staging procedures/timing etc. Hopefully, your first procedure will be complication free and you will be able to proceed without difficulty/delay. Best wishes  for outcomes that you will be very pleased with.

Multiple procedures, some advices:

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I recommend to my patients to wait at least 3 months to perform a surgery after a procedure to avoid unnecessary risks. 

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Staged Mastopexy and Augmentation

Thank you for you question. There are a number of factors to consider when looking at timing between procedures. The three that influence my decision the most are: (1) skin quality  (2) degree of ptosis (how much was the breast lifted and (3) desired post-op size. In most cases, the range is from 6 weeks to 3 months. 

Bbl then BA. How long is the best time in between to have both surgeries back to back?

Thank you for sharing your question.  I would recommend being well-recovered from the first procedure before pursuing the second and would recommend at least three months after you BBL before your BA.  Hope this helps.

Combination procedures

Really, for some patients these procedures can be done together depending on the technique of the surgeon and the operative times involved.  This is a somewhat arbitrary response, but if you were spacing these procedures out, I would think that at least six weeks would be an acceptable time to wait.  Again, this would need to be determined with a sterile history and physical and operative plan, so make sure you have a thoughtful discussion with your surgeon.
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