I have facial cyst. Should I go back to the same dermatologist? (photos)

I have facial cyst, was about the size of dime in diameter, lies beneath mole on right cheek. Have been to dermatologist. H injected cyst with steroids to shrink it. Stated that if treatment did not work, he would refer me to plastic surgeon. Treatment worked short term. Cyst shrunk to size of pea, then got bigger again. During followup appt (6/24/2014), he told me no further treatment is necessary. Over the past week, the cyst has gotten to about the size of a nickel, is very sore and purple.

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Inflammed cyst

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The contents of the cyst spill into the dermis and causes inflammation and secondary infection.  Another injection of corticosteroids will alleviate the inflammation but then asked for surgical removal a week later to evacuate the cyst.  You will have a scar after the surgery but will not have a recurrent infected cyst.  Go back to your board certified dermatolgoisr.

New Canaan Dermatologic Surgeon

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