Am I a good candidate for AFT + BRAVA uneven breasts? Will my breasts point outwards (to sides) if enlarged?

Had child weight before :130 weight now 155 height 5'1.5". BMI almost 26. 36A-32-41 Pear shape. Want to know if will be worth it. Don't want implants, so if I plan to be very fit, will I lose the fat after procedure? I don't mind losing some but losing all would suck. Also I cant really tell if breasts point outwards I don't want boobs that try to give people hugs. Should that be a concern? Is it possible to take fat from back,arms & entire abdomen

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Fat Grafting

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If you are happy at your current weight but want some improvement to your abdominal contour AND only want a small increase in your breast size then fat grafting may be for you.

Fat grafting will not provide as reliable increase in breast size as an implant, but if you don't want to have an implant it may be a good alternative.

Issues raised by other surgeons with regard to breast cancer surveillence certainly need consideration.

No surgery is completely risk free. Fat grafting to the breast has been used now for a number of years with no evidence of an increase in breast cancer or delay in detection.

You need to consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options further



Breast Augmentation with Fat

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Fat Transfer to the breast has become more popular in the press, but we do not perform this procedure as we do not believe that it has been properly proven as a safe, dependable, and cost effective means of performing breast augmentation. There are also possible side effects that one must consider, including the risk of scarring on a mammogram that can complicate detection of breast cancer. Other side effects are possible infection, fat resorption necessitating more sessions of fat grafting, and possible asymmetry.
Implant based breast augmentation, on the other hand, is very safe and predictable with an extremely high patient satisfaction rating in our practice. Fat grafting is best for breast contour irregularities. Very large amounts of fat and possible multiple sessions would be needed to approximate the result of large breast implants for breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

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Plastic Surgery isn´t the option to lose weight. If we cut skin, you will lose pounds and measures as soon as the inflammation goes down. Lipo is for modeling also, not to lose weight. 
For Breast Augmentation I don't recommend fat transfer; it´s evolution continues being studied. Best option and more safe for you is breast silicon implants. They´re different kinds of implants that could make your breast look natural. 

Rafael Lluberes Freites, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a good candidate for AFT + BRAVA uneven breasts?

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At the present time- I am not a major proponent of fat transfer even with mechanisms to try and maintain the fat and prevent its disappearance. I would suggest you reconsider silicone gel breast implants if you are truly motivated to have larger breasts, as this is the most reliable, dependable and predictable mechanism for breast enhancement. The enlargement process- does not primarily change the nipple/ areola position. There is a normal but slight outward slant to the nipple/areola-- this will be most likely preserved. Physical exam is necessary for further reliable opinion.

Candiates for a breast augmentation

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It's hard to give you an exact answer without seeing you in person.  However, fat transfer can only a achieve a modest increase in the breast size.

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