On May 12, 2016 I had an upper Blepharoplasty and Corrugator muscle . Any suggestions?

Right eyes is almost prefect a little dry but it blinks ok. Left eye blinks slower then my right eye. very dry. I use ointment and gel and I also cover the eyes at bedtime. Should I seek another doctor. Not such if this is normal and how long. I also had an eyebrow lift and face lift. My Plastic Surgeon say it normal and it will heal but I am so scare. it is now 7 week and my eyes do not blink together. Please help. 

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What you are describing is not normal and you have waited long enough.

I recommend you see some oculoplastic surgeons in your area.  The plastic surgeon does not know how to manage dry eye.  There are also mechanical options for the management of dry eye.  Transient issues generally get better by 6 to 8 weeks. Please consider posting a photograph so we have a better idea of your concerns.  Please take this seriously and get real help.  Dr. John Martin who is a regular Realself contributor  and practices in Miami, would be a good choice.

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Lid lag following blepharoplasty

Seven weeks following a lower lip blepharoplasty patient has scleral show and lid lag. No photographs are provided. Although much of the swelling:should be dissipated by six weeks is not unusual to see prolonged swelling around the eyes. In many instances this will resolve on its own encouraged by head elevation and massage. Occasionally other techniques such as taping can be used. If this condition persists for a few months then one should consider surgical correction.

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