Not sure what to do about this wound that doesn't seem to be healing. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. (Photo)

I'm a non smoker 18 weeks PO from a TT. I've had this wound on the left side that has just gotten bigger and bigger since my body started spitting out stitches about two months after surgery. My PS suggested a skin graft but only as a last resort. He honestly doesn't know why it's not healing correctly and he's the Chief of PS. What should I do? Keep waiting for it to maybe heal or do the sin graft?

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Non healing wounds

I think the underlying cause should be established before any treatment is instituted per se. Your surgeon may have swabbed the area or perhaps taken tissue for analysis to establish why this has happened. Sometimes unusual infections, like mycobacteria, can cause this sort of problem or immune based problems like pyoderma gangrenosum. Best to try to find the cause, rather than simply treat, in my opinion...Good luck!

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