Will my nose from the front change? (Photos)

I am only 13 days post op but I really don't like my nose from the front now. I was always happy with my nose from the front but wanted the bump taken out which was only visible from the side. I am very very happy with my nose from the side, it's exactly what I wanted but I'm hoping my nose will look better from the front once the stitches inside have dissolved and the swelling goes down.

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Post op swelling

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Thanks for your question.

Your photos are very helpful.  It appears that you have some widening of the nasal bridge/dorsum - but I would say that this is far too early to evaluate.  You still have some bruising on your cheeks!  Since your main complaint was the bump on your nose and profile, I'm sure your doctor made a lot of effort to shape this area and address your complaints.  Therefore, it is reasonable to expect a significant amount of swelling in this area.  

Usually, swelling is very dramatic in the beginning, and once the splints are removed, the swelling actually increases, as the skin can expand and engorge a little bit.  Then, over the course of a few weeks, the majority of swelling will resolve and your final shape and width will begin to take shape.  

Hang in there and be patient!

Hope that helps,

Christopher C. Chang, MD

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia


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You are very early in the postop period and your nose is very swollen. You have to give it time to heal. Best of luck.


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Thank you for your question and photographs.

It is important to consult with your surgeon about any questions or concerns you may have so they can give you a physical examination. You are extremely early in your recovery period and your nose will begin healing and changing, this will continue over the course of a year to year and a half. Swelling can cause the appearance of unevenness or enlargement. It takes 6 months for 90% of the swelling to resolve after a rhinoplasty. During this waiting period, several treatment options can reduce the swelling. First, post-operative taping is imperative to decrease swelling and mold the shape of the nose. This can be performed for a minimum of 2 weeks with recommendations commonly for 3 months. Second, a short course of oral steroids (Medrol dose pack) can be beneficial in the early stages to decrease swelling and pain. Third, I commonly use a dilute solution of Kenalog with Marcaine to decrease swelling of the nasal tip. If after 12-18 months, you are still unhappy with your results, I would contact your surgeon or a board certified plastic surgeon for a revision.
Best of luck in your recovery!

James Fernau, MD, FACS
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Board Certified Plastic Surgery
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Swelling after rhinoplasty

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thank you for your question and photo. This early on it's probably just swelling. As swelling goes down the front view should be more refined assuming it wasn't changed etc. it takes weeks for swelling to go down. Good luck. 

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Early Rhinoplasty Assessment

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Thanks for your post. As I am sure you have read, it is far too soon to assess the results and appearance of your new nose at just 13 days from rhinoplasty surgery. It's understandable to have some anxiety about your early appearance due to swelling etc. This is perfectly normal. Ask your surgeon for reassurance and guidance to help you appreciate the changes in a normal recovery from surgery. If you are already happy with your profile (which is exactly what you wanted), then I am hopeful that your physician will have exceeded your expectations in your frontal view also. Your final results may take from 6-12 months or longer to appreciate. Stay positive and continue to seek support from your surgeon. Best wishes. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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