Septal Perforation, looking for advice on how to trust a surgeon again? (Photo)

I want to have this fixed once and for all. But I know I may never have 100% a normal nose. I've talked to a lot of doctors, but I'm so incredibly terrified. I don't know what to believe as I trusted one surgeon in Fort Collins to fix it, and he destroyed my nose. He said a lot, and did a lot differently and as a result, my life has been almost ruined. I've lost my job, my home, I had to file bankruptcy for medical debt, I'm so depressed, but I am rebuilding and this is not the end of my life.

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Finding a Surgeon You Trust for a Septal Perforation- Take Your Time

Fixing a septal perforation is difficult and can be tricky, but in the right situation can work out very nicely and well. Whether or not it makes sense to fix the perforation depends on its size, location, and the symptoms that is causing.  Fortunately, there are plenty of great doctors out there. My recommendation would be to make appointments with several different experienced nasal surgeons in your area.  When you've narrowed down your choice, asked to speak to previous patients to hear about their experience. Take your time.  You will find the right person.  Good luck.

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