I Had 2 Baby Teeth Never Fall out Until Later, Now my Teeth Are Spreading and I Dont Know What to Do?

One was on the top left side, the other in the same spot but on the bottom. What should my first step be? I dont have a lot of money, but my teeth are very important to me. My bottom ones have spread where my top one recently came out so they havent spred yet, thankfully. Orthodontist first, then get a fake tooth? I dont want a bridge, but an implant is insanely expensive...so I was hoping for some sort of spacer?

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Missing permanent teeth - Options with Orthodontics

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It sounds like you need braces to correct some of the spacing that has occurred since loosing your baby teeth-  the good news is you may be a candidate for what called a TAD or microimplant which is a device that your orthodontist can place and use to help close the space without moving the bite around.  It would be a great idea to go see an orthodontist that places TAD's and uses them on a regular basis.   Check out the youtube video below:)  Hope that helps!!

Sandy Orthodontist


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If the permanent teeth are truly missing (check an X-ray) and you can't afford to do bridge, implant or orthodontic treatment right now,  a space maintainer would be a good idea so the teeth don't drift too much.  It could be removable or glued in.  Go see an orthodontist and see what he recommends to hold the space until you can do something else later.

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
Phoenix Orthodontist

Missing teeth

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First thing to do is get an x-ray...maybe the permanent teeth are impacted (stuck) under the gums and, if so, you can get them in place with braces.

If there are no impacted teeth it still may be possible to close all the spaces with braces and prevent the need for implants

As always...see an orthodontist for all your options!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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