What Forms, Ff Any, Need to Be Filled out to Transfer Invisalign Records to Another Dentist?

Do I need to fill out any specific forms to transfer invisalign records. Also what if I can't get in touch(more like don't want to call because of a bad invisalign treatment)with the previus dentist about transferring my invisalign records.

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Invisalign transfer

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It is best to call invisalign directly as this policy may change.  Both dentists have to fill out forms as well as you have to sign releases.

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Invisalign record transfer

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Definitely contact Invisalign for all the particulars, but it can be done.  Do you want to start the case over or continue the current case?  As stated, this makes a difference.  Make sure the original dentist knows why you are leaving so he can correct his treatment if needed on other patients.  A letter can do.  I assume he already knows you are unhappy?  Give him a chance to correct his mistakes if he deserves one.  Bottomline is, you have the right to chose who treats you.

Multiple offices doing Invisalign can be tricky

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If the new office is simply starting a new case, it is simple and there is no need to contact the previous office.  This is a new case with an existing starting point and the Dr will determine the treatment.  

If the new office is taking over a case, it becomes complicated.  Forms from Align are needed and both offices will need to be in contact with Align and records release forms will need to be signed (HIPAA laws prevent the new office access to records without forms).

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