Will I weigh less after a BBL and Lipo?

Will my weight drop after a Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL and liposuction? For example, if I weigh 100lbs will I still weigh a 100lbs after lipo and BBL or will my weight drop?

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BBL and lipo

You will likely be close to where you are now, provided that you do not put on weight from a change in you diet or exercise regimen.  It will take several months for your weight to stabilize and allow for the swelling to subside.

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Will I weigh less after a BBL and Lipo?

Thanks for your question. Is important for the patient to know that after any surgery the body will retain liquid because it will get swollen. So it means that right after the surgery you will not lose weight because the edema will make you keep the same weight or maybe more.As the edema resolves completely (about 3 to 4 month after surgery) you will experiment a loss of   weight.  I recommend  my patients not to buy new clothes before this period end.

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Will I weigh less after a BBL and Lipo?

If the fat that is liposuctioned is all transferred then the weight should be relatively similar.  
Kenneth Hughes, MD
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