Day after Laser Hair Removal is it normal to find hair growing?

I just finished my laser hair removal for whole body yesterday using candela gentle max pro and today I have found hair starting to grow on my body.. Is that normal that aftet only one day of hair removal hair would grow?? Thanks in advance

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Hair growth after laser hair removal

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It is absolutely normal to have hair growth after the treatment, even days after.  With each treatment, the process destroys 15 to 20% of your hair.  This means the rest of the hair can either be in a resting phase or convert to a growth phase. Hence the need for multiple treatments. Most clients will require 6 to 9 treatments for optimal results. That being said, there will still be some hair growth after all your sessions and you may need additonal sessions.

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

Day after laser hair removal - hair still growing

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This is absolutely normal. One treatment doesn't cause meaningful changes to hair growth. It takes multiple treatments to see any change with the naked eye. It is after 3-4 treatments that obvious changes are seen. That is a good laser and should be effective if used properly for the correct skin type and hair color. Hair removal only affects the active growing hairs and not all of them during a treatment.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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