Can I have a BBL surgery even though I'm anemic?

I've been told that I'm anemic since was 14/15. I've never had any medical issues pertaining to my anemia or any medical issue for that matter. I'm fairly "healthy" expect I'm over weight but don't really look it because I use to do track and field. I'm 5'8 and 200lbs but look "fairly" lean. The only prescription I've been given for my anemia is iron tablets. Can I still have a BBL even though I'm anemic? What are the possible complications?

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You would need blood work to determine how anemic you may be. Patients with mild anemia often can have surgery, although it depends on the type of surgery. We have often performed a BBL on patients with mild anemia, but again, it depends on the degree of anemia and your overall health. In some cases you need to be cleared by a hematologist. But in any case if you were told that you are anemic it would be a good idea to take iron pills on aregular basis if that's what you were prescribed.


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Hello,  thank you for your question.  All elective surgeries should be done under the best health conditions of the patient.   Anemic patients should not have Lipo / BBL because of the chances of needing  blood transfusion and have hipovolemic symptoms and signs. Have a great day. 

BBl and anemia

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You would need to be seen and have blood work done to see how anemic you are before going ahead with surgery.  Best of luck.

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