Options for Facial Scar and Asymmetry Correction?

After a car accident in which I lost some skin and tissue on my forehead I have a red, wide, slightly depressed perpendicular scar running from right under my hairline all the way down to between my eye brows.

Because of the skin and tissue loss, the plastic surgeon who patched me up was forced to push the left side of my forehead over to meet the right side, causing my left eyebrow to be raised slightly higher than my right. Also, at the top of my scar, I have a medium sized goose egg which has not subsided after 6 months.

Can my right eyebrow be raised to help create symmetry to my face? What can be done to help my goose egg subside? Are there any nonsurgical procedures for correcting this scar or would surgery be the best way to improve its appearance?

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Red surgical scar options

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As Dr. Kulick suggested, it is hard to make any recommendations without photos or an in-person evaluation. Speaking in very general terms, apart from what was already suggested, using a pulsed dye laser for the red pigment in the scars is a viable option. Most scar patients are pleased to resolve or improve the color since this often is the one factor that is the most concerning.

Please see the below link for more information on the pulsed dye laser & photos.

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Options for facial scar and asymmetry correction?

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 Hard to help you without your photographs.  Conceptually, many things can be done - tissue expansion, corrective brow lift, and scar revision are surgical options.  Non-surgical options can include tattooing, and steroid injections.

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