Which is Better for a Recent Forehead Scar on an Asian Baby - Mederma or Scarfade Gel?

The scar is two months old and measures about an inch running vertical on the forehead. Thanks.

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Forehead scar improvement cream

Darker skin types or those that are prone to discoloration do well with topical skin lightening creams after injury. I would recommend the Melarase cream as a first line therapy. 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Mederma or Scarfade gel for forehead scar

Either topical will help to improve the appearance of a scar. No head to head studies have been performed  that show one working better than the other.

Be sure to use a sunscreen daily to keep the area from pigmenting.

If the scar remains very prominent at about a year, you may want to consult with a facial plastic surgeon to reorient the scar so that it is less visible.

Anifat Balogun, MD
Seattle Otolaryngologist

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