Forehead Reduction Surgery on Male? (photo)

Hi im a 24 year old male with a high forehead when frowning or smiling. Theres no sign of hair loss on my mother or father side of the family . I get the high forehead from my mother so im wondering if this procedure is possible and if so what other countries provide this surgery besides the states. Thanks

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Need to see a doctor

Photos cannot tell a doctor if you would be a good candidate for a forehead reduction surgery (especially if you are male in early 20's with the possibility of genetic hair loss). You need an examination of your scalp and understanding of risks with realistic goals/expectations. 

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Lowering the hairline. wide forehead

If you are looking for the cheapest any where in the world,. You can search at google and take your chances. If you want the best technique and a plastic surgeon who discusses all the options and consequences with you and follow you up after the surgery and deals with potential problems, then find a board certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery). If the scalp is mobile and can advance one to two centimeters, then it is a one procedure. If the scalp is not mobile or you need more advancement then you need a tissue expansion of the scalp and then another procedure for advancement of the scalp. You need to understand that the incision is right at the frontal hairline. There are no guarantees or warrantees to the scars. can be visible, can be thick, keloid, or pigmentation changes especially in dark skin. You could become bald, and the scar will become visible.

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