Is Forehead Reduction Possible for Extreme Brow Bone Protrusion?

I posted a question concerning a forehead reduction, and it seems my problem wasn't clear. My area of concern is my brow bone. Especially the area above my nose, which sticks out extremely, making me look 'special ed' or like a Neanderthal. It sticks out most right in between my eyes. Can this be shaved back or repositioned? As I mentioned, the look of this is quite extreme.

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Forehead protrusion

A prominent supraorbital ridge can be shaved down. First, you would want to get films to assess the thickness of the bone. You will probably need to have this accomplished through either an endoscopic approach or open.

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Reshaping the forehead bone

The procedure used would depend on exactly where the prominence is. If it is at or below the level of the eyebrows an incision is made inside the nose and the bone shaved down with a rasp and/or guarded burr. If it is higher up the forehead exposure is achieved using an incision above the hairline on the scalp and a burr used to take the bone done.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Reduction is possible

Reduction is certainly possible, and in the hands of a surgeon who regularly performs this procedure it is very safe with a rapid recovery.  Burring this bone down can be enough for some patients, but most need to have this bone set back and reattached.  Based upon your assessment of your own protrusion as "extreme" I doubt shaving would work for you.  I do not require that my patients get a CT or other imaging, as shaving vs setback can be determined during the procedure.  Your main consideration should be scarring.  Any of these procedures require incisions in the scalp.  If you are at risk of hair loss these could be exposed some day.  If it is unlikely that you will have hair loss then this procedure may be right for you.  Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
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Prominent area between the brow

Hi, thanks for your question. This area can be reduced but you need an exam to assess exactly what is causing the protrusion. At times, the issue is the bone in the forehead region, or sometimes it is prominent soft tissue. Either way, this can be reduced. Other times, the nose can be altered to correct the appearance. It's best to get a consult with a plastic surgeon so he/she can evaluate what the issue is and offer you some options. Best of luck!

Ross Blagg, MD
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Brow bone and forehead reduction surgery is not related.

Brow bone and forehead reduction is not related.  If your brow bones are an issue you should see a doctor for options.  Forehead reduction surgery will not impact your brow bones.

Jae Pak, MD
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Forehead Reduction

The SUPRA-ORBITAL RIDGE - the area you are referring to may be very pronounced in some individuals giving them a Neanderthal / Geico Man / very masculine appearance.

The ability to shave this bone down with power burrs would depend on its thickness and how close the frontal sinus, the air space between the outer and inner layer of the bones in the front, is to the ridge. If the ridge is thick and the sinus is relatively far away, burring it would be much easier than if the outer table was thin. A CT scan or MRI would need to be done to have this information before any such surgery was attempted.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Reduction of Forehead Bone Protrusion

Hi C,

Yes, you can have your forehead excessive boney protrusion taken down.  It is accomplished using burrs to sand down the excessive bone.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Forehead reduction is possible, but can be invasive

While the forehead bone itself can be shaped back, this is a rather invasive procedure if the frontal bone needs to be broken and set back into the frontal sinus. It will need to be plated, and there is always the chance of getting an infection from the frontal sinus. It is a very difficult process to try to bring the frontal bone backward into the face without doing major frontal bone osteotomies, breaking bones, and setting them backward.

William Portuese, MD
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