Do I Need Forehead Recontouring & Overbite/jaw Fix? (photo)

I have been looking into forehead recontouring, and am looking for information about a price estimation. Input on the recovery & procedure for my case would be helpful. As for the overbite, I am currently using invisalign to straighten my teeth and pull them back in; however, I also have a weak chin. I think jaw surgery is too costly & severe for my overbite and am wondering if there other solutions.

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Forehead Recontouring and Chin Augmentation

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Unfortunately your pictures are a little dark so it hard to see precisely the profile of the forehead. But I think you are referring to brow bone reduction to have a smoother forehead. This is done through a scalp incisional approach and the convex shape of outer brow bone is changed to a flat one. Your chin is short and would most certainly benefit by a chin implant augmentation. Both could be done during the same procedure. Your outline tracings of the before and after are fairly representative of the potential result with the minor exception of a little too much brow bone flattening and a little too much chin projection. It would be in your interest to have formal computer imaging done by a plastic surgeon to make sure that what is achievable meets your desired goals.

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