Forehead Reconstruction?

I'm a MtF transgender who is considering forehead reconstruction to reduce prominence of forehead. I've heard from surgeons that simple burring of bones will not be able to reduce the prominence enough. So they will need to take out the anterior wall of frontal sinus with coronal incision and either remodel it and put it back or replace it entirely with titanium plate. What are the risks of this type of procedure? Also, how can I find surgeons for such procedure?

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Forehead contouring and facial feminization in transgender patients.

Forehead contouring and facial feminization in transgender patients is something I have done for more than 35 years. In that time I have never had to remove the bone and replace it. It is possible to shave extra bone flat with the forehead and not need to remove and replace it. At the same time I'm able to raise the brows and lower your hairline with no scar which is done by the irregular Trichophytic Fore head lift 

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