Forehead Lines Botox Help: Evaluating 2nd Botox Injector After 1st Injector?

Rude at Follow-up & Wanted to Inject Outer Brows to correct his outcome of uneven, droopy inner brows. Glad I didn't let him. Professional opinions say this "reputable" derm at ps office over/improperly injected. Prior, I raised my high forehead for slight lift. Have 2nd opinion from other dr offices. One person I liked detailed how glabella should have been injected as well as frontalis. It was not. At the 2-wk mark this week she thinks a lift is fairly easy. Make sense? Have researched providers extensively but still a guessing game. Thanks!!

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Botox treatments vary from provider to provider

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Without seeing you in person for assessment of what's going on, it's difficult to answer your question. If you are not having any relief of forehead lines, that is certainly treatable. If you're trying to obtain a "brow lift" that is also obtainable by proper injections to specific musculature around your eyes.

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Conservative Treatment with Botox

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I understand your dilemma.  I have found that patients are much happier and obtain a much more natural and pleasing result with a conservative treatment of the forehead.  Every patient is different and some individuals undoubtably will need additional botox, dysport or xeomin placed at follow up in two weeks to achieve the desired result.  I would much rather treat conservatively and have to touch up later than to over treat initially.  My clients have been very happy with this approach as well.  Best of Luck

Jacque P. LeBeau, MD
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Overzealous Botox injection

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It is always best to be judicious, pay a little more, and return for more as opposed to getting too much injected in one setting. I agree that "the best thing about Botox is that it wears off over time ..."

Botox isn't permanent

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Here's the best part about Botox, it's temporary! So if you hate it, or if there's a problem, it will go away over time. Patients often say, "I wish Botox were permanent!" but that's only true if you have a good injector and a good result. What if you don't? Then you have a permanent problem! So, remember that first. Sometimes it's not going to be worth trying to chase your tail and correct or recorrect or potentially overcorrect something that just isn't permanent. Second, if you don't like an injector or don't feel comfortable, don't have the procedure done. We will all have techniques and variations and ideas about what might have been wrong, what could have been better, etc. but without each of us looking at you, we're all making some assumptions. Looking for a good injector isn't always going to be easy. And there are so many people (doctors, nurses, aestheticians, etc.) who do injections that people think Botox is very simple, and as you've learned, injection is absolutely an art. It takes a great amount of skill to do Botox or any filler well, and even great plastics or derms or whatnot may have an issue with an injection from time-to-time. Also, each patient's facial structure can be just a teeny tiny bit different from the next person, and so the smallest change, and one person may get a great result and another may get a tiny droop. This happens and no one wants to have it happen to their patient, ever, but the bottom line is that it does and it can. And this is again when we all must be thankful - doctors and patients - that Botox simply isn't permanent.

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