Forehead Lift/reduction Surgery Post-op Question?

I have stitches along my forehead near the hairline. My doctor had me put hydrogen peroxide on the stitches. I think I put too much on because i took the bandage off the next day, and my skin had turned white around the edge of the bandage, the skin just peeled off. Is this just a chemical burn from the hydrogen peroxide? Has this happened to anyone before?

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Skin peeling after taking off the dressing is due to pressure or adhesive on your skin.  Normal concentration hydrogen peroxide should not cause a chemical burn.

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Forehead lift incision problems

Normally, the skin turns white when it is macerated or full of moisture.  You can see this when someone wears a bandaid for several days in a row.  I would hold off on the hydrogen peroxide if the wound looks good and see your doctor. 

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White skin after hydrogen peroxide

is not a commonly reported problem  As mentioned, discuss this with your surgeon.  In addition, it sounds like the skin could be saturated with moisture, causing the whiteness or other issues could be happening.  Bottom line - discuss this with your surgeon and not on-line without providing a photo and more detailed information

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Forehead Lift/reduction Surgery Post-op Question?

This is a bit out of the ordinary. Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used to clean dried blood products .The usual 3% solution should not cause a burn. Tell your experience  to your surgeon 

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