Forehead Lift. Peroxide on Stitches Caused Chemical Burn?

I had a forehead lift last week and my doctor told me to put hydrogen peroxide (3%) on my stitches 3x per day. I did and the next day, I had white oozing flesh across my forehead. The doctor insisted it wasn't a chemical burn and recommended that I use more peroxide on the burns. It just got worse. Now I'm being treated at Kaiser for the chemical burn. Is this normal to recommend that patients put hydrogen peroxide on fresh forehead lift stitches 3x per day?

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Forehead lift - use of peroxide

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peroxide in the over the counter 3% strength should not cause a burn.  I recommend irrigating the peroxide off with saline to prevent skin irritation. 


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Hydrogen peroxide is a tissue oxidizer.  However, I too am unfamiliar of chemical burns originating from H2O2.

Hydrogen perroxide

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Never heard or seen a burn from hydrogen perroxide, even on fresh wounds.

Make sure of what was used

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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