Is it Possible to Add Height to a Forehead?

I doubt that a forehead lift would do what I'm after, but is there a way to perhaps alter the positioning of my hair line? Or perhaps some kind of forehead implant to alter the appearance of my forehead? I'm open to all avenues of possibility, please include all possible options! Thank you for your time!

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A bigger forehead

If your desire is to have a higher forehead, a forehead lift will work if you have adequate laxity of the forehead. It will not necessarily raise your brows unless that is also a desire. An endoscopic or open post hairline approach could work.

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Adding height to the forehead

The only way to add height to the forehead is with a brow lift which would unnecessarily raise the eyebrows.  No implants are put in the forehead.  A sign of youthfulness is to have the hair closer to the face.  A receding hairline is a sign of aging and is contraindicated in this particular case.  

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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