Forehead Still Feels Tight / Heavy After Bleph?

It's been 4 months after bleph (with one eye ptosis repair; levator aponeurosis cut 2mm and attached to tarsal plate) and my forehead / eyebrow area feels tight and heavy still (got worse after a month), my PS was in Korea doesn't know why,... and too far to travel back to him., should I get this looked into?

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Forehead tight after eyelid surgery

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You are probably going through some forehead muscle retraining, very common after a ptosis surgery. Prior to your ptosis surgery, the muscles of your forehead, the frontalis muscle, were working overtime, at least subconsciously, to attempt to correct the ptosis by lifting the brows. After you have the ptosis corrected, then the muscles have to go through a retraining process of less activity, but some tightness can occur while your brain is getting rebooted so to speak. I have seen it take 6-12 months in patients for it to settle down.

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