I had forehead & cheek Juvederm fillers 2 months ago with little swelling?

Last week I woke with swollen eye & cheek which has got a lot worse & not responding to antibiotics. Could this be from the filler?

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Not related most likely

This far along after your treatment makes it doubtful that your treatment is the cause. I suggest you see your doctor for a checkup.

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Swelling and infection, relation to fillers?

It is unlikely that 2 months later the infection is related to the filler, although it is possible and so this must be assessed ASAP by your injecting physician. The swelling may just be a granulomatous or other reaction to the filler rather than infection (and hence why it doesn't respond to antibiotics). A cortisone cream or injection, or hyaluronidase injection by your physician may be required.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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