Forehead Augmentation - Good Idea?

I am in my late teens, for the past few years I've noticed an unnaturally shaped, large, prominent bump on one side of my forehead. Large enough to be noticed by my peers and others. Also, the growth is hard, and immovable, which indicates that it is made of bone, caused by head trauma (I've hit my head 1000 times throughout my life). Would a forehead augmentation be a good idea for me? Not with an implant, just to shave away excess bone on one side of the frontal bone. How much would it cost?

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Bump on head?

Before " shaving " any bone, it would propbably be best to obtain an imaging study of the facial bones to ruleout the possibility of a more complex underlying problem.

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Forehead surgery

It sounds like you would need a work-up regarding this lump on your head.  I would start off with a consultation with a surgeon and then go from there.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Forehead surgery

Although uncommon, an irregularity in soft tissue (ectopic ossification) or bone may be caused by repeated trauma.  This region could be burred down without much difficulty.  This would likely require general anesthesia and would need to be done in an operating room rather than in the office.  Operating room time and anesthesia are two of the most expensive components of plastic surgery.  It would be difficult to estimate a price without seeing pictures or examining the region.  A very rough estimate would be $3500.  Good luck.

Jason Hess, MD
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