Is Forehead Ache After an Extensive Eyelid Revision Normal?

I have extensive swelling from a external ptosis repair (levator advancement/resection) and just wondering, can this cause the forehead/scalp to ache from lifting up the weight of the swollen eyelids? At the same time, how many months does it take for the levator muscle to make a recovery from the resection repair? I would suspect a temporarily weakened levator along with massive eyelid swelling (from surgery) to cause activation of the forehead, but are my assumptions correct?

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Forehead ache after eyelid surgery

You are correct.  Once the swelling goes down the lid position should be revisitied.  If it is still too low then revision would be indicated.  If you truly have as much swelling as you describe, a steroid dose pack may be of benefit.  Your surgeon could advise you whether you are an appropriate candidate for steroid treatment.


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