Retin A or Other Cream to Help with Fordyce's Spots?

There are some small white spots on the top front lip (under the skin). On both corners of the top lip I have many small white "dots" in "clusters" that have "jumped out" so not under the skin. Will the following work:

1)Tocopherol gel/cream to be applied to the lips. Can you say which one specifically/brand name as in pharmicies here they only have the tablets (like Vitmain E)

2) Tretinoin gel (ex Retin A, Stieva don't know %) with α hydroxy acids Are they safe to use and for how long?

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Fordyce spots

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You should see a dermatologist to confirm that the white bumps on the lip are Fordyce spots vs. something else. Maybe you have already. The tretinoin may help but use a low strength as the lips might get irritated. These spots are oil glands and they can form tiny whitehead-like bumps. Don't squeeze them. The dermatologist may be able to treat them in the office.

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