Liposuction with Fordyce Spots Removal in Genital Area?

I am really interested in a labia majora and mons pubis liposuction. I also have the Fordyce spots on the inside of my lips and was wondering if it could be surgically removed while I was under anesthesia. Killing three birds with one stone, so to speak.

I believe that the Fordyce spots was caused by the encapsulating effect of my majora and I cannot get rid of either unless they're both gone at once. Does this sound feasible? Will the doctor be able to perform both procedures? Will it affect the cost? Thank you in advance.

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Female genital rejuvenation

You should be able to get everything done at once, combining the Gyn portion of your procedure with the cosmetic one. This will most likely save you money on anesthesia and facility fees. Consult with both a plastic surgeon and urologist/gynecologist who work together as this will help you get a good surgical plan. Good luck!

Mutliple labiaplasty & labia contouring procedures & mons pubis liposuction performed concurrenty.

Yes, you can have all procedures performed at the same time. However, your choice of techniques may not be necessarily the ones utilized. Depending on whether the labia majora fullness is cutaneous or fatty in nature, labia majora reduction can be achieved by resection of the redundancy or liposuction, respectively. Perhaps the Fordyce spots could be removed with the labia majora reduction excision.

Similary mons pubis liposuction could leave you with an lax (empty/deflated) mons pubis which may better be treated with a lift.

Discuss these options with your surgeon and make an informed decision.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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