Does ThermiVa help women with poor rectal sphincter tone?

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Does thermiva help with poor rectal tone?

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This is an interesting question.  Thermiva is not specifically indicated for this but will not hurt your sphincter tone and could possibly help.  The key issue is what symptoms are you experiencing.  If you are incontinent of stool or gas then its possible you have nerve injury and or anatomical injury.  If this occurred after having children I would consult with a urogynecologist or gynecologist.  Dr. Pelosi (father and son) are in NJ - and are great surgeons.  If this is not related to childbirth you may want to see a GI doctor and possibly a colorectal surgeon.  

Radiofrquency for sphincter tone

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Interesting question. No ThermiVa is not used for that matter. However, there is a radiofrequecy technology very similar to ThermiVa that is used for anal sphincter tone. I learned about it during a research project. It is called SECCA (not sure what it stands for...) It is best to ask a uro-gynecologist or a surgical oncologist, But don't give up.

Michael Hakimi, MD
Pasadena Physician

The ThermiVa is not used to improve rectal sphincter tone.

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The TERMIva is used for vaginal lubrication and laxity related issues. It has some added benefit for incontinence. It should probably not be used primarily to treat significant vaginal prolapse ( vaginal bulge) or rectal sphincter tone issues. If you are experiencing fecal or gas incontinence then sphincterplasty or an InterStim nueromodulation are the best options.

ThermiVa for poor rectal sfincter tone

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As of now there are no guidelines or published studies that address this problem. Current guidelines recommend use for vaginal tightening only. Treatment of poor rectal sphincter tone depends on the underlining cause. I suggest consultation with a (uro-) gynecologist for a personal evaluation. Good luck.

Sphincter tone and thermiva

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Thanks for your question -

There is no data that ThermiVA would help with that issue and I would be very cautious about a provider offering that as a treatment modality for that particular issue.

I hope that helps!


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ThermiVa has not been tested regarding effectiveness with this issue.  It currently is focused for vaginal rejuvenation.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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ThermiVA and rectal sphincter

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Although thermiva has not been studied in that capacity yet. RF has been used with some improvements. I had a patient who wanted to try a session. After the first two sessions she had about 80% resolution of symptoms and not much change after the 3rd session. She was very pleased with her results since some improvement was better than none. I definitely think that we need to do more research in this area

Haydee Docasar, MD
Henderson OB-GYN

You want to stick the thermiva probe where?

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Poor rectal sphincter tone is due to injury or nerve damage and requires individualized management. Thermiva has not been tried, but other types of RF have been tried. It certainly wouldn't harm you and might spark interest in future research.

ThermiVa indications

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Thanks for your question. The rectum is not currently an area whete ThetmiBa is cleared to be used. It may be an area of future study.Best,Lisa Vuich, MD

Lisa Vuich, MD
Nashua Physician
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