Should I Feel Free to Talk to Surgeon About Different Concerns Post-Op TT?

Thank you for your responses to my original post. Since this was my first surgery ever I just didn't know what to expect really. I do have a great doctor, I just need to communicate more with him and I think he with me. My surgeon has tranformed me for the better and so I do feel weird about talking about the things I do not like. In my case hopefully everything will heal correctly with or without some weight loss but for all the patients that have a problem should we just lay it on the table and feel free because your surgeon understands...?

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Ability To Communicate With Surgeon Extremely Important

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You should always feel free to ask questions and otherwise openly communicate with your surgeon.  If, at the time of your initial consultation, the surgeon appears arrogant to the degree that communication will be affected, you should change physicians.

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Communicating with your Plastic Surgeon?

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Yes, you should feel free to talk to your surgeon about concerns you may have. As plastic surgeons we are very used  to patients communicating before and after surgery. Our goal  is to help patients achieve their goals;  this is not possible if there is poor communication.

I personally appreciate patients who communicate there  concerns in a calm,  nonaccusatory fashion. Again, this communication helps me determine what potentially can be improved upon,  in order to achieve the patient's goals. Ultimately, patient satisfaction is of critical importance to the success of our practices.

I hope this helps.

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