Looking for your opinion on how I am healing and if you would suggest revision surgery? (photo)

PBM with Expanders, necrosis formation? Please excuse that I've asked a question before. This time I've attached a photo of Day 5 and Day 12. In comparison, I can see the necrosis formation that my doctor has confirmed. In your opinion, I am wondering if I was your patient if you felt I was not healing properly and require surgery to remove the affected area, or/also what the chances in your experience are that I may be able to continue healing in this state without more surgery. Thank you and I appreciate your opinion.

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Mastectomy flap necrosis

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These are always difficult to follow areas of mastectomy skin that are bruised and swollen. No one can answer your question with pictures over the internet. Continue to follow up with your surgeon. If a product was used to separate the device from the mastectomy skin then it can provide another barrier to exposure of the evice.

Looking for your opinion on how I am healing and if you would suggest revision surgery?

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Over internet very hard to be specific with advise. Seek IN PERSON second opinions. But in my opinion over the internet I would allow this to slowly heal without additional surgery until there is no other option. If the area is excised the expander might become exposed and need removal..

Breast reconstruction

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Pictures are too small, can not see the area well.

If there is full thickness necrosis of tissue, with infection, then you need surgery, and if there is implant or tissue expander you need the implant/expander removed.

Better follow the advise of your surgeon who can see the area decide if there is infection and how much necrosis

Samir Shureih MD.FACS


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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