Whats Better for Treating Stretch Marks Fractional or Lux 1540?

Hi, im 35 yrs old and i have stretch marks from growing pains as a teenager, there silver white now and i want to get them improved, two different clinics in london claim they do this proceedure but with two different lasers, fractional and Lux 1540 and i was wondering whats the best as i can only afford the one treatment, and does the fractional laser resurface the skin by burning it away like the handheld Lux 1540.

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Optimizing Stretch Marks

Technically speaking the Lux1540 laser is also fractionated.  "Fractionated" simply means that rather than the delivering energy in a solid laser beam, the light is broken up (fractionated) into thousands of microbeams.  The benefit of doing this is that it leaves islands of skin that have not been effected by the laser--which in turn leads to a speedy recovery!

Not all fractionated lasers are the same!  

Here in the States, the Lux1540 laser is the only FDA approved light-based treatment for stretch marks. As you might know, the FDA is rather stingy with its approval, which means that there is good evidence to support using Lux1540 for stretch marks.  There are other fractionated lasers (Fraxel, for example), that are not approved for scars or stretch marks.

My own experience with using the Lux1540 for stretch marks and other scars has been phenomenal!  I would highly encourage you to give it a try!  Please feel free to look at some of my before & after photos at VisageCenter . com


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