Is It Possible for the Zygomatic Nerve Branch Was Injured in Midface Lift?

I am 6 weeks from midface lift suture suspension that has been removed, leaving me with a sagging right cheek (more than before procedure) and upper lip droop on the right also, is it possible the the zygomatic branch was injured causing my cheek and lip to droop, its the corner of my lip that is drooping at rest and when smiling and a more prominent nasalabial fold, I don't have any issues with my eyes. Is the recovery on this nerve promising?

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Possible damage to Zygomatic nerve?

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  Yes, I agree with you.  It is possible that you sustained damage to this nerve during the recent cheek lift procedure.  But it also is possible that that at just 6 weeks, there is swelling which is preventing the nerve from functioning normally.  This nerve quite typically recovers all function within 12 months.

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Sagging smile after midface lift

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It's hard to know what exactly occurred.  However 6 weeks is early and in the majority of the cases recovery does occur.  He should be following him very closely with her plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

Nerve injury

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it sounds like you might have a nerve injury. That kind of complication can occur even when surgery is done well. It almost always recovers by itself with time, since the nerve is almost always  "bruised" and not cut.

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