Can It Be Possible for the Skin of the Nose to Be Crooked?

I went to the doctor a while ago and I told him about my breathing problems so he took an x ray of my nose and the bones look fine. Like it was straight. And can it be fixed? If so who do I go to ?

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Can It Be Possible for the Skin of the Nose to Be Crooked?

Breathing is a dynamic process (think video) while imaging (X ray or CT scan) creates static images (snapshots). An X ray or CT scan is far less accurate than a detailed examination to diagnose nasal obstruction. The exam might lead your doctor to order an imaging study but getting an imaging study is never the first step to diagnosing problems with nasal breathing. I recommend that you seek a consultation with a Facial Plastic Surgeon or ENT to determine what is causing your nasal obstruction. I hope this information is helpful.

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The only thing radiologists often look for is a devaited septum. Other things can block breathing

First, a standard X-Ray can miss a lot of nasal pathology. Most head and neck radiologists don't even get them, they go right for a CT. Assuming you had a CT scan, the only thing they can diagnose is sinus conditions, a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates. Other conditions can block breathing such as nasal valve narrowing. This is not routinely diagnosed by CT, only exam by a nasal specialist.

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Crooked nose


        It is quite possible to have negative x-rays and have nasal obstruction. Approximately 2/3 of the nose is cartilaginous and this does not show up on x-rays.The nasal bones could be slightly deviated but appear normal on a routine x-ray. The main area of obstruction is often in the nasal valve area which is entirely cartilaginous. The skin would not cause you to have problems breathing through your nose and would certainly not cause your nose to be crooked. Most likely the problem is  either a deviation of your septum, or  a narrowed nasal valve . It would be essential to have a clinical exam since there can be several reasons or difficulty breathing through your nose.

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