Is It Possible for the Implants to Be Putting Enough Pressure to Cause Anxiety?

It's kind of hard to explain what I am feeling. I call it anxiety because I don't know what else it could be, but there's nothing in my life that is so dramatic that should make me feel this way. It feels like there's just a constant pressure on my chest (duh... I know) and that is what is causing my anxiety. Since the surgery 5 months ago, it feels like I can literally feel my heart beating harder, not necessarily faster and I wonder if it could cause the anxiety and if it will go away.

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Pressure sensation after breast augmentation

I would agree that you need to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon. It depends on the size of the implant used, as well as the make/model/design of the implant used - because some implants are "firmer" than others. A larger heavier implant may also impart more of a pressure sensation.  Your plastic surgeon can best evaluate what you are experiencing.

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Is It Possible for the Implants to Be Putting Enough Pressure to Cause Anxiety?

Doubtful that this can be resolved over the internet. If the implants are large enough to cause significant pressure on the chest, or if you have capsular contracture causing hardness of the implants these may contribute to your symptoms.

Best option is to see your surgeon for evaluation. All the best. 

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Breast Implants Putting Pressure on Chest and Causing Anxiety

    The sensation of pressure on the chest could be the result of the breast augmentation and the sheer mass of the implants on the chest wall.  Usually, as the skin and muscle stretches during recovery the sensation of tightness should improve.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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