Is it possible for the ear to return into it's normal shape if the ears are under corrected after otoplasty? (photo)

I had otoplasty a month ago, my right ear is under corrected after the surgery and after 5 weeks I noticed that they are coming back into it's normal shape (protruding ear). My left ear, it was over corrected but they move forward a little bit and on the top of my left ear they are sticking out. Do you have an idea on how many months will it stop from moving it forward? Is it possible for an Incisional otoplasty for a revision of my both ears?

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Otoplasty Revision: Options for Correction

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If a patient undergoes otoplasty and notices over a short time that the ear is resuming it's presurgical appearance, an otoplasty revision is usually required.  The number one complication of otoplasty is return of the prominent ear to its original shape.  This is usually due to stiffness of the ear cartilage and the techniques used by the surgeon to correct ear shape.  In too many cases, ears which should have had cartilage reduction are just set back with a few sutures.  For stiff ears in adults, this is often inadequate.

Revision should not be done for at least 6 months.  I would suggest meeting with your surgeon to review your case.  Second opinions may be useful to see why your results were not better.  Please take your time to consider your options.  Best wishes!

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