For the BBL, I Was Told the Square Butt Was Hardest to Work with Due to Having the Most Inelastic Skin? Is This True?

I read on this blog how elasticity of the skin affects how well a surgeon can graft fat to the butt according to their shape. Are naturally shaped square butts a result of having inelastic skin versus A,V or round butts? Or do square butts just have a tendency to have inelastic skin? What is the reason for in-elasticity in the skin? What can make the skin more elastic to ensure a better fat graft? Thanks!

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False you may put but also remove fat to modelate/ falso puedes poner pero tambien quitar grasa

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not you may easeally modelate any butt, removing but also putting your own fat into selected  zones.

tu puedes  remodelar cualquier tipo de gluteo quitandoi y colocando grasa donde  tu desees  

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Inelastic Skin and Brazilian Buttlifts

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   Inelastic skin can occur on virtually any shape of buttock.  It has less to do with shape and muscularity and more to do with the individual.  Sometimes, there are points of underlying adherence, which have to be disrupted as well to place the fat appropriately.  Although skin can limit the result to some extent, there is still dramatic improvement.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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