Looking for Surgeon in LA Area Who Can Perform Benelli Breast Lift on Me with Good Results? (photo)

I want a lift and correction of the asymmetry. My old saline implants are around 350 cc. placed over the muscle. The vertical scars are out of the question. The lift doesn't have to be huge but good enough to produce good aesthetic results and improvement compared to what I have now. I can go larger or stay the same size. I wonder if using high profiled silicone versus saline implants placed under the muscle would make a difference. Please let me know your thoughts.

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Larger breast implants do not lift saggy breasts

First of all, larger implants will not solve your problem. Larger implants will just make things worse for you by stretching tissues even further and quicker. So, please do not let anyone talk you into that! Second, a Benelli lift will not correct or improve your situation. If you must have implants, I would put them behind the muscle and perform the Mini Ultimate Breast Lift. This technique will lift your existing breast tissue directly over the implant to achieve a round and natural appearance. There is no vertical or inframammary scar. Your only scar will be around the areola. This is not a Benelli lift (a Benelli lift can only move the areola/nipple complex)

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Benelli Breast Lift


One of the misconceptions about breast lifts is that the larger ones (like anchor scar or vertical mastopexies) create an idealized breast shape, and that smaller ones (like crescent or benelli mastopexies) are more natural. So the presumption is that someone like yourself who would be satisfied with a more natural look would therefore be a good candidate for a smaller type breast lift.  This can't be further from the truth!  Each type of breast lift is designed to treat a specific type of breast size and shape, and when a smaller lift like the benelli is used on a larger or more sagging breast, the potential for disaster exists. 

Another misconception is regarding the high profile implant.  Because of Natrelle's marketing campaign to surgeons about their Style 45 extra high profile implants, there has been a push by surgeons to use these in their patients.  Inevitably, there is a conversation about how great these new implants are, and the buzz gets started as one patient tells her friend, and she tells her friends, etc.  The reality is that high profile implants do not lift a breast in any meaningful way more than intermediate profile implants, but their shape and weight distribution is more likely to increase the risk of short and long term problems that will eventually lead to revision surgery.

As the other good doctors have said, you are not going to do well with a benelli lift, and a high profile implant is not going to make things better.  Statistics on malpractice lawsuits in the state of California indicate that benelli mastopexies are the number one named procedure in cosmetic surgery of the breasts. Having said that, I love to perform the benelli lift in the correct patient, and feel it can yield an excellent result. Unfortunately, you would not be one of them.

You should visit a few surgeons with excellent reputations for all types of breast surgery and look at high quality photographs of their results.  If after this you feel that you cannot tolerate vertical scars, you should not do any surgery. 

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Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Benelli Approach with Implants vs Other options

The key to success lies in letting you surgeon know specifically what you would like to look like following the surgery. For example, how perky do you want to be, what shape do you want to have, etc.? However from your description it would appear that a lollipop type lift would be best for you rather than a periareolar lift like the Benelli procedure. Here is a rule of thumb that works for most patients. If you nipple is above your lower breast crease then often a periareolar lift will be sufficient for most patients. If your nipple is at or below your crease then a vertical lift (lollipop lift), inverted T or anchor pattern may be required. Larger implants will not automatically lift your breasts - something to consider re: size.

The Lollipop incision for Grade 3 or 4 ptosis (areolar near or below your breast crease) works best in my hands and the use of a Lollipop technique can lift your breast to the perkiness you desire. However, other plastic surgeons are more comfortable with an inverted T or Anchor Pattern technique.The donut lift does tend to both flatten and have scars widened as you are removing skin around the areola which causes tension in that single area causing it to "spring' apart over time. With the Lollipop incision the tension is spread out over a greater distance of the lower vertical scar (where the areola once was) causing less tension on the areola and entire closure. The vertical lift tends to cone the breast making it more shapely (conical) and less flat. For a visual take a paper circle, cut out a small wedge on the bottom and bring the edges together to see this effect. In general I would pick the best Surgeon and explain fully what you want to achieve rather than the technique. Always choose a board certified Plastic Surgeon. See below how to find the best in your area.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Benelli Breast Lift

While the benelli lift is an excellent procedure, patient selection is key. From your photographs and description, you seem to be a candidate for a full lift. To verify and to determine the appropriate implants based on your objectives, lifestyle, and lifestage, consult in person with 3 - 4 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Benelli Breast Lift Candidate?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

Based on your pictures, it is very clear that you will not have aesthetically pleasing breast surgery outcome with a Benelli breast lift only. Full breast lifting (along with possible adjustment of the breast implant pockets) will be necessary.

Be careful;  if the appropriate operation is not performed I think you will be dissatisfied with the results of surgery. Further revisionary surgery can be costly (in many ways).

I hope this helps.


Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Will a Benelli lift work?

The Benelli lift, when performed correctly, can provided a wonderful balance to breasts with a mild degree of ptosis.  I don't think the technique will work well for you, as your breasts need a recompaction of their structure.  There are variants on the vertical lift technique that could work quite well for you.  For the best result, replace the saline implants with silicone gel.  Thank you for the pictures.

John Q. Cook, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Benelli lift

I happen to love the Benelli mastopexy but you have to be very careful choosing the appropriate patient. I agree with the first doctor who answered. You will not be happy with the results and I also strongly suggest some form of traditional reduction.

Sherwood Baxt, MD
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Not a good candidate for a Benelli lift

Regardless of who you go to and regardless of what implant is used, you won't get a "good" result from a Benelli lift because you are too droopy to do that lift and not wind up with a flat front, baggy bottom breast.  For a "good" result, you really need a full lift, just your anatomy.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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