Is It Possible for Space Between Eyes to Be Shaved Down And Have Nose Fixed To Look More Asian? I'm Half. (photo)

hi I'm mixed asian but I don't look like it. But I really want my Caucasian nose to look asian.I hate it! I edited it one time and saw what it would be like with an asian nose, and it looked so much better!! Also, my eyes are a problem.Is it possible to slightly lift or tighten the ends of my eye to make them a little bit slanted?whenever i am with my sisters and mom i look like a stranger! I know I have dark circles but no problem. I posted pics (white stuff on my face is my face medicine)

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Rhinoplasty, Asian rhinoplasty, canthoplasty

I have many mixed-race friends, and being Asian myself, I can certainly relate to your feelings regarding your cultural identity.  I have a feeling that you are quite young, and that certainly makes things more difficult.  I can see that you relate more to your Asian side at the moment, but things may change as you get older.  In my humble opinion, I do not think plastic surgery is the best option for you right now.  It's amazing how our view of the world and ourselves change as we age, so don't be in a rush to jump into surgery quite yet.  

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Reducing the area between the eyes for an Asian rhinoplasty

The area you want reduced is the radix, which can be a difficult area to reduce due to the thickness of the bone. This is a common area that needs reduction in Turkey, Greece and other Euro-Asian border countries. You will encounter slightly more prolonged swelling than in the usual bridge reduction, and it is not uncommon to need a small plastic straw to drain away the blood for a few days due to the vascularity of the area. It will have the effect of making the eyes more spread apart.

As for slanting the eye, the procedure is called a canthopexy and works best when the outer corner of the soft tissue is pulled into a drill hole of the eye socket. This is  a more enduring result than simply wrapping a suture around the bone.

Charles S. Lee, MD
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Can I look more Asian like my family?

Yeah, you can make some of these changes (sounds like the nasion you want lowered, not the rhinion).  Because your question is so specific, difficult to answer without seeing profile views, and even feeling the cartilage and bone of your nose.  Eyelids can be adjusted too.  Not sure why you want to look more like others in your family though, you look just fine to me.

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Is It Possible for Space Between Eyes to Be Shaved Down And Have Nose Fixed To Look More Asian? I'm Half.

It's an unusual question. Usually Asian patients want the opposite. That said, you can have your naso-frontal angle (the bone between your eyes) shaved down and the whole nasal dorsum for a flatter look. It's a very unusual request but theoretically can be done.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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Is It Possible for Space Between Eyes to Be Shaved Down And Have Nose Fixed To Look More Asian?

There is a wide spectrum of noses among Asians. Specific changes like lowering the nasion can be accomplished surgically. You would benefit from a consultation and photographic evaluation to determine what your surgical goals are.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
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Plastic Surgery

Based on your pictures, it seems like some nice changes can be made.  However, you sound be seen in person for a complete examination.  I would suggest looking up some local board certified plastic surgeons and booking a consultation.


Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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