What Can I Do for a Slimmer V Line Face with Tight Skin? (photo)

Do I need buccal fat removal, or chin/nack/jowl fat removal?Zygoma reduction?Or a neck lift or a face lift?I recently had mandible reduction and I feel though my face is smaller, my cheeks are still chubby, making them look droopy and a heavy paranasal prominent look.Please don't ask me to wait a bit longer as my cheeks are supposedly still swollen.Chubby cheeks runs in my family and I really want to rid of them. When I lift my chin fat up, my V line face comes out which is what I want.

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The Ogee Cruve

Hi Sleepie_angel,


I understand your frustration and what you have been going through as I thank you for sharing your concerns and your photographs as well.


Mentioning that chubby cheeks run in the family is an indicator that with age the atrophy of the buccal fat pad may not be extensive but only with physical examination that a definitive answer could be given.


Nonetheless, buccal fat pad removal yields the Ogee Curve hence the slimmer V line face you are seeking to achieve.


Buccal fat pad removal is a delicate procedure and through the right surgeon with extensive experience commendable results will be attained.


Best wishes.

Dr. Sajjadian

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Derounding The Face

To deround your face, you need efforts at fat removal. This could be done through partial buccal lipectomies and perioral and jawline lposuction. It may not achieve the precise look you are after but it will be step in the desired direction. This may or may not need to be combined with a jawline tuckup procedure based on your skin laxity. You are young so significany skin laxity may not be present. 

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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