Anything to Do for Sinuses in High Altitude Hiking?

After 4-5 days of hiking in altitudes above 7000 feet, my sinuses (I believe) beging to close. It becomes very difficult to breathe through my nose, especially at night. Sometimes I have to sit upright at night in my tent just to breathe. I can breathe fine though my mouth but end up with sore throat. Ultimately I've had to abort several trips on the JMT for this same reason. Tried all OTC meds and some scripts from Doc. Flushes, sprays etc. Nothing works... Help, Patrick

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Breathing difficulties

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 Breathing difficulties out of the nose can come from a variety of sources. These include a crooked or deviated septum, turbinate enlargement,and valve collapse. These are treated surgically to improve airflow dynamics through the nose. Medical management of nasal obstruction includes cortisone nasal sprays,  antihistamines, decongestants and allergy testing.   A physical examination and consultation will best sort these issues out after your nasal surgeon examined the internal portion of  your nose.

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