Looking for Seattle Area Bleph Revision Specialist and Temporary Fix? (photo)

I had an upper and lower bleph back in Dec of 2011. I was happy with the work on the upper lids, but not the lowers. I had a revision done by another doctor on 8/1. I'm just 2 weeks into healing, but every day as the swelling subsides, I look more and more hollowed out under the left eye. Thinking I will need another revision and looking to meet with Seattle area specialist. I also need to return to work in a week or two and may need a temporary fix. Suggestions?

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Revision eyelid surgery

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It is too early to consider another surgery as you are only 2 weeks out!  When that time comes (at least another 3 months), you should see an oculoplastic surgeon, namely Holly Chang in Seattle, for evaluation.

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Still too early

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Obviously photos are not a substitute for an in person consultation, but looking at your first postop photo, I don't believe that any additional fat should have been removed...if that indeed what was done [you mention hollowing].

The effect that I think you are looking for seems to be a reduction in the wrinkling/crepiness of the lower lid which is best achieved by laser resurfacing.

Having said that, I agree that you should wait at least 3 months before deciding whether or not you are satisfied with your postoperative results. If you are not, obtain a copy of your surgical procedures from your two surgeons [they are obligated to provide that to you] so that the next surgeon you consult will have a good understanding of what was done previously.


A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Revision lower lid blepharoplasty options

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From looking at your photos and photoshopped ideal goal lower lid appearance Ithink what would help you the most would be to improve the hollowing that you are seeing in your lower eyelids. This can occur as fat is removed during blepharoplasty. The result is a more skeletonized lower lid appearance.

Options to improve the volume in the area include in-office soft tissue fillers (restylane for example) versus a longer lasting facial fat grafting procedure. The later uses fat from your abdomen that is then grafted into your lower lid area to fill in the hollowing.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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